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This site is a labor of love… Photographer Todd Bates was born and raised in Florida. Growing up, he was surrounded by beautiful neon motel and attraction signs. Now Todd seeks to document the signs that are still around, which is fewer and fewer each year. When you buy prints from this site, you help fund future sign-hunting trips.


Prints are shipped every Monday of each week. If you need your print(s) sent sooner, just drop us a line and we’ll figure it out. Prints are carefully rolled and mailed in heavy duty tube mailers. You will receive an email as soon as your print has been shipped, along with a USPS tracking number. Prints are mailed from St. Petersburg, Florida. Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the contiguous United States. Orders placed from outside the US will be issued a refund.


If you receive a damaged print, please contact us to arrange for a replacement.
We do not accept returns for refund.


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