Last Rites

The Florida Motel in Gainesville, Florida has succumbed to the wrecking ball. We travelled up to get some final shots of this 1950s sign before it's gone. They have a GoFundMe campaign going to raise funds to move it.

The World Liquors sign is no more (kind of)


The iconic World Liquors sign in St. Petersburg, FL has been taken down. Rather than head to the scrap yard or a private collection, the sign was purchased by the owner of Fergs, a restaurant down the street from this sign's original location. In interviews, Ferg has expressed interest in re-purposing the sign to advertise his restaurant. This wouldn't be the first time the sign has been re-purposed, as it was originally a furniture store sign. Want a World Liquors t-shirt? You can find that in my Etsy store HERE


So long China City

china-city_vintage-neon-project_ sign.jpg

The China City sign in St. Petersburg has been removed. The restaurant has been closed for a while and the property sold. The owners of the restaurant are keeping the sign. This is a VNP favorite here in our community, it will be missed!